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Conservative Party: Lidington announces EU referendum lock

News   •   Sep 15, 2010 12:41 BST

David Lidington, the Europe Minister, has set out proposals that would give people a vote before any future powers are transferred to the European Union.

An amendment would be made to the European Communities Act of 1972 which will allow for a referendum on new legislation that proposes any transfer of power away from Britain to the European Union. Brussels led decision making would no longer be able to proceed without the Government giving the British people a say.

David Lidington said:

"This Bill will make sure that never again will powers be transferred in a new treaty from Britain to Brussels without the British people having a say in a referendum."

And he added, "Our intention is that the British people will have the final say as to whether a new treaty is agreed or not. All of our European partners accept that it is the policy of the British Government. We see no reason to apologies for insisting on a bit more democracy than we've seen until now."

The Bill would increase democratic and Parliamentary control, scrutiny and accountability over EU decision making. No Government will be able to pass more powers to the European Union unless the British people have agreed that they can.