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Conservative Party: Local councils join Conservatives' Green Deal

News   •   Dec 17, 2009 10:19 GMT

The Mayor of London and 14 local councils across the country, covering more than 3 million homes, have agreed to pilot the ‘Green Deal’ scheme, should a Conservative Government be elected next year.

The Green Deal would give every household the right to have home energy efficiency improvements of up to £6,500 in value.

The cost of this work will be paid back through the household’s energy bills, and through the much greater savings that arise from a more energy efficient home.

This vanguard of leading councils will work with the Conservatives to kick-start this energy efficiency programme in their areas, including a street-by-street approach targeting first those people most in need of cutting their fuel bills and heating their homes.

Greg Clark, the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said that the Green Deal would "help millions of families to benefit from energy efficiency improvements to their homes – creating jobs and tackling fuel poverty in their areas".

"Energy efficiency is a triple win for the whole country", he added: "it saves money, it saves energy, and its saves our environment".