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Conservative Party: More evidence of dysfunction at the heart of Government

News   •   Jan 11, 2010 10:16 GMT

Conservative Party Chairman, Eric Pickles has reacted to revelations by former Labour Party General Secretary Peter Watt.

Watt has revealed a number of highly damaging stories about the conduct of the Prime Minister and key members of his Government.

"After a week in which six senior Cabinet Ministers failed to back the Prime Minister, this is yet more evidence of the dysfunction at the heart of Gordon Brown's Government", Pickles said.

One of the revelations concerns the private opinions of one of Brown's so-called closest allies.

Another concerns the day Brown backed away from his plans for an election in 2007. Watt says that not only were there 1.5m printed election leaflets ready for sending, but a number of limousines were driving in circles near Parliament waiting to take Ministers on the campaign trail.

"It is now clearer than ever that we can't go on like this with such a weak Prime Minister and such a divided government", Pickles added.