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Conservative Party: More Labour waste of taxpayer's money revealed by DCLG

News   •   Oct 01, 2010 12:03 BST

The Conservative Party has long warned about the profligate excess of spending of taxpayer's money that went on under the Labour Government and the latest revelations only go to highlight the point.

Amidst other things, under Labour the DCLG spent huge sums of Taxpayers money for example £13,000 at London Zoo and £16,000 at Newbury Racecourse. The Government Office of the Regions spent £138,000 on Mori and £8,000 at City Inn.

At a time when the country was struggling with recession and an enormous deficit it defies belief that taxpayer's money was being spent in such a cavalier fashion.

Local Government Minister, Grant Shapps said:

"It's amazing what Labour ministers got up to behind closed doors. If they weren't living it up in lavish hotels they were spending millions on pr agencies and vanity opinion polls to work out why they were so unpopular. The mantra was buy now pay later and let the taxpayer foot the bill."

And he added, The very least Ed Miliband can do is apologise for Labour's outrageous spending spree in their dying days."