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Conservative Party: Only eight days worth of gas supply left in storage

News   •   Jan 06, 2010 10:44 GMT

Figures obtained by the Conservative Party reveal the UK has only eight days worth of gas storage remaining, based on current usage levels.

Greg Clark, the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, criticised the Government for having "its head in the sand on this issue for 12 years".

"I have repeatedly warned that Britain lacks the essential back-up plans needed for situations like this one".

Clark said that this alert is "just a taste of what’s to come as a result of Labour's negligence", citing the National Grid's prediction that the ‘likelihood to interrupt' gas supplies is ‘high’ in the North West and the East Midlands.

"When will the Government understand we need more storage capacity and the ability to get gas to consumers so nobody has to face the possibility of going without gas during cold snaps like this one?", he added.