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Conservative Party: Quango plans to enhance accountability

News   •   Oct 15, 2010 12:14 BST

The number of quangos across Britain mushroomed under Labour, putting important decisions into the hands of unelected quangocrats.

Quango reform is long overdue and under the new plans, announced by the Cabinet Office, many important and essential functions will be brought back into departments meaning the line of accountability will run right up to the very top where it always should have been.

People are fed up with important decisions being made about their lives by people they can't elect, they can't hold to account and they can't vote out. We want to give power to the people and make politicians more accountable for the decisions they make and these are exactly the kind of measures will help to achieve that.

The announcement details the abolition of 196 quangos with a further number merged and others privatised. The Government currently spends £38billion on non departmental bodies and whilst the savings which will be made for the taxpayer are significant it is the returning of accountability which lies at the heart of this measure.

For too long hundreds of quangocrats have remained unaccountable, able to affect millions of lives without any scrutiny, this is a victory for the accountability agenda.

Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude said:

"The presumption is function of the state should be done accountably. A minister will have to take decisions and they will be accountable to parliament and the public for the way they make those decisions."

And he added, "That is what being in government is about. That what you have ministers are for, that is why you have elections and a government arising at the end of it so as you have ministers who will take decisions and be accountable for them."