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Conservative Party: Spokesmen announced to campaign against AV

News   •   Feb 28, 2011 11:57 GMT

Seven Conservative MPs and two Conservative Party activists have been announced as spokesmen for the campaign against the Alternative Vote.

In a speech at Whitehall, the Prime Minister made the case for why the United Kingdom should vote 'No' in the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum on May 5th.   Mr Cameron described the AV voting system as unclear, leading to outcomes that are unfair and a political system that is unaccountable.

MPs and Conservative Party activists will join Mr Cameron and other 'No to AV' patrons, William Hague, Ken Clarke and Sayeeda Warsi, in campaigning against AV in the upcoming referendum.

The MPs announced today are Conor Burns MP; George Eustice MP; Sam Gyimah MP; Kwasi Kwarteng MP; Charlotte Leslie MP; Priti Patel MP; Chris Skidmore MP; Chris Philp and Maggie Throup.

Each will play a leading role during the forthcoming referendum in highlighting the message of why people should vote against changing our electoral system both in the media and in debates taking place up and down the country.

George Eustice MP said, "Our current one person one vote system delivers clear outcomes, strong government and is used by over 70 countries around the world.  Under the Alternative Vote system some people get more votes than others and that's not fair."

And he added, "Someone who votes for the BNP would get a second and maybe third bite of the cherry.  That's not right.   No wonder this system is only used by three countries in the whole world."