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Could We See The New iPhone 5 On September The 12th?

News   •   Aug 06, 2012 07:53 BST

It seems as though the wait is nearly over with regards to the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 smartphone. New reports have suggested that we may be introduced to this model a little sooner than we expected.

The expected launch date of the new iPhone 5 has varied over a number of different dates is recent reports are to be believed. Some suggest that Apple would not release their new premium phone until at least October while others suggest that August is more likely so that the model can compete with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Two internet tech sites have both now reported that the launch of this phone may fall in between these two dates. iLounge and iMore have both reported that Apple will be hosting an event in mid September to unveil their new phone. They also suggest that the company will also reveal their next generation iPod Touch together with a smaller version of the iPad tablet device. Since these rumours surfaced other sites have backed them up with some even suggesting that a launch event is planned for the week commencing 10th September. If this is to be believed then we should expect to see the new iPhone 5 on the 12th as Wednesday is when Apple have traditionally unveiled their new iPhone devices.

All of this speculation about the new iPhone 5 is helping to make the handset one of the most eagerly anticipated smartphone launches of all time. When the iPhone 4S was launched it disappointed many consumer as it offered the same design as the iPhone 4. There seems to be no danger of this happening again as Apple are set to offer a brand new design on the new model. Rumours suggest that the glass chassis will no longer be used and that a new, slimline metallic body will feature. A new, larger screen will also be incorporated on the phone which will delight many potential users who have found the previous 3.5 inch size a little restrictive. The new screen looks likely to measure 4.08 inches and in terms of pixel density it will exceed what the 4S offered which means that a big hike in resolution is likely. Numerous other new features look set to appear on this model including the iOS6 operating system and super charged Siri that can perform more tasks than ever before.

The iPhone 5 will be with us very soon and then we will see if the new phone can stifle the runaway success of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Whatever phone comes out on top the iPhone 5 should still prove to be one of the greatest phones ever launched.

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