Daisy launch ‘Continuum’ – rebooting business continuity with ‘always available’ service capability

News   •   Nov 08, 2016 13:32 GMT

Tea. Biscuits. Gin. Tonic. Ant. Dec.

Some things are just made for each other.

They fit together. They are seamless. And they just plain work.

That is the concept at the heart of Daisy Group’s next generation business continuity offering, ‘Continuum’ – which is putting always-on infrastructure and service availability front and centre in UK’s digital transformation journey.

Business continuity has its roots in IT disaster recovery; recovering technology after fire, flood or other such disastrous events. Recovery was often measured in days and hugely reliant on manpower and deep technical expertise to succeed;

Then it became more holistic. More about the business. The people. The buildings. The detailed plans required to recover the processes and services needed to ensure the business could continue; and yet still it was focused on recovery, more than achieving truly continuous operations.

Organizational resilience became the next iteration; the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, and respond/adapt to change and sudden disruptions. Many perceive resilient as ‘cannot fail’ and have abandoned the concept of planning for recovery, or securing a failsafe. For others, achieving and maintaining resiliency is a huge task – where do you start? And at what cost?

‘Continuum’ from Daisy changes everything.

No longer an insurance type approach to disasters; this next generation of BC is more 24/7 resiliency meets business agility; each aspect operating above a safety net of all that is good from years of IT disaster recovery and business continuity expertise and experience.

Daisy’s Managing Director of Business Continuity - Mike Osborne - explains: “I like to think of it as joining the dots between the need to build a resilient, digital organization, whilst still maintaining the discipline of planning and testing for recovery that provides an ultimate backstop.

Continuum takes into account resilient system design using IT/Cloud dependency mapping; cyber protection and proactive monitoring; always-on connectivity; critical data protection and workplace availability. All of which support normal operations and fully functional recovery in the event of the worst case scenario. It blends modern resilient technology solutions and traditional business continuity assets to allow for a seamless transfer between businesses as usual and business during an incident.

It means one organization owning the entire SLA – whether day to day or in a disaster - all of a business’ digital components are umbrellered beneath the cohesive infrastructure of a single, capable, reliable, service availability partner.

Daisy Group – the UK’s largest independent provider of converged B2B communications and IT infrastructure services and a leading UK provider of business continuity services - launched the new offering this week at BCI World in London, the global event for business continuity professionals.

It represents a seismic shift in the way business continuity has been traditionally provisioned. Whilst the technology and workplace infrastructure delivered by Continuum includes the support of operations in a disaster, it can also flex to support peaks in demand and changing work patterns. Continuum moves away from the insurance mentality of planning and investing solely to recover from disasters; instead placing the investment emphasis on end-to-end digital resilience and increased business agility.

Osborne concludes: “Embracing the relentlessness of technological change is a prerequisite for businesses wishing to grow. Yet in doing so they also introduce new risks, new competitors and heightened customer expectations.

They have to be connected and protected. They have to be always on. And they have to have an agile workforce. But, more than ever today, they have to ensure that all of their inter-dependent digital components are seamlessly joined up, available and when necessary, recoverable.

In short, whether triggered by disaster or not, when one component stops working, the others kick-in to support the whole. That is what ‘Continuum’ is all about.

Daisy are Platinum Sponsors of the BCI World Conference where you can visit them on Stand 47 to find out more about ‘Continuum from Daisy’. The BCI World Conference and Exhibition takes place on the 8th and 9th November at the Novotel London West Hotel. The largest business continuity conference and exhibition in the UK, BCI World has a packed programme as well as an exhibition hall promoting all the BC products and services you need.