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Department of Health: Statistics Publication - Practice Based Commissioning Group and Independent Leads Survey: Wave 1

News   •   Dec 08, 2009 10:44 GMT

This is the first Wave of research for the new Practice Based Commissioning survey, conducted between October and November 2009.

The previous PBC GP practice survey (August 2007 – September 2009) asked GP practices for their views of PBC. For this new survey, lead individuals within PBC groups and independent practices have been invited to take part as they are ideally placed to provide informed feedback as to their organisation’s experience of PBC locally. The aims of the survey are to get feedback from practices on their perception of the support offered by their PCT and on the clinical and financial engagement of practices with PBC.

Key findings

• Positively, most (82%) leads have a good relationship with their PCT in terms of PBC.

• PCTs receive mixed ratings for the support they provide. Around three in five leads (57%) rate the quality of management support as good. Less positively, just three in ten rate the quality of PCT feedback on business case decisions as good (29%).

• Over four in five leads (84%) report receiving a PBC budget from their PCT and a similar proportion (80%) have agreed a PBC commissioning plan with their PCT.

• Leads suggest that they have at least a little involvement in many areas of business. Nearly nine in ten (88%) report that they have at least a little involvement in addressing variation in primary care use of resources or referrals.

• Four in five leads (82%) have submitted at least some business cases or service redesign plans to their PCT this financial year. Of these, four in five (80%) have had at least some of these approved and two thirds (66%) have had at least some implemented.

• Just over three in five (62%) leads have not been given a proportion of their freed up resources to reinvest. Of those who have, the average amount made available by the PCT is 60%.

• A little over half (54%) of leads report that PBC has influenced the clinical practice of the GP practices within their group (either a great deal or a fair amount), two in five (39%) report that there has been not very much influence, and just six per cent report that there has been no influence.

• Encouragingly, respondents believe that most services have improved at least a little. Four fifths (80%) believe this to be true for access to services and around three quarters (77%) for being more cost effective and a better patient experience.

• 799 Group and Independent Leads had been approached of which 466 replied - a response rate of 58%.

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