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Design Sketches Reveal Appearance Of The iPhone 5S

News   •   Jun 24, 2013 10:58 BST

Speculation about the next instalment of the Apple iPhone series has been hotting up in recent months and weeks. It is currently believed that the next instalment of Apple's iconic smartphone series will be the iPhone 5S, although there has recently been more speculation about Apple introducing a more affordable addition to the range.

It would be logical to assume that the iPhone 5S will be next to hit the market, as an upgraded model to the current iPhone 5, with the addition of several new hardware components and the recently announced iOS 7 software update. Additionally, a budget version would allow Apple to compete in the vast budget smartphone market.

Apple Insider has recently reported on a new set of blueprints which have reportedly been leaked by iPhone component manufacturers. Of course, the popularity of the iPhone means that iPhone accessories are big business, so a number of companies will already be in the process of designing and manufacturing accessories for the next iPhone models. The blueprints apparently originated from Apple itself, and show diagrams of the design and appearance to the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone model, which is referred to on the blueprints as the iPhone Light.

Backing up previous rumours and leaked images, the design of the iPhone 5S looks largely the same as the iPhone 5. It also shows that the iPhone Light will have a similar appearance, but with slightly repositioned components like the camera and sensors, along with slightly larger measurements. Cheap iPhone 5 offers are listed on our website.

The blueprints also back up by recently leaked photos of iPhone 5S components, which show that the phone is likely to sport an almost identical appearance to the iPhone 5, with the same positioning of the home button, sensors and both front and rear cameras.

It is believed that Apple will officially announce the iPhone 5S at some point in the summer, followed with a September release. We expect more news about the iPhone 5S in the near future, so when we hear of any updates we will be sure to keep you informed.