Designing and implementing a Test Data Management Strategy - a clear and pressing concern

News   •   Aug 29, 2012 15:36 BST

Invitations to a lunch meeting hosted by Grid-Tools in New York on 13th September have been snapped up by IT leaders, a sign of the urgency that test data management now represents, the keynote speaker believes.

Huw Price, Managing Director of Grid-Tools, will present an overview of how companies can build a short, medium and long term Test Data Management Strategy and comments: “With the increasing complexity of IT environments, and the need for faster application delivery, now – more than ever - test data provisioning plays an important role in any organization's IT strategy.”

Grid-Tools, the leading test data management vendor, has been assisting companies to implement successful end-to-end test data strategies that can scale to meet growing business needs for almost 15 years.

With the fast advancement of Cloud services, Virtualization and Agile development, as well as tougher data compliance regulations, Price will discuss emerging trends in test data management and the growing importance of creating a strategy that will deliver results.

Art Johnson, Senior Managing Director, Global Enterprise Architecture at Cushman & Wakefield, will also speak on the day and will outline how a holistic test data management strategy fulfils his goals and objectives when re-developing and integrating a complex IT environment.

The presentations will be followed by lunch, giving the opportunity to informally chat and network with peers.

The event will be held at the prestigious Terrace Club in Manhattan, NYC.