Differences Between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S

News   •   May 02, 2012 09:00 BST

Some people were a little disappointed when the news came of the new iPhone was not going to be the iPhone 5, but instead the 4 would turn into the 4S instead. The change was quite last minute but die-hard Apple fans flocked to camp outside of retailers all over the country and the firm sold 1 million units in less than 24 hours. This was an incredible feat and one that took Apple by surprise as stockists struggled to catch up with the demand. Alas, a few months later and everyone that wanted an iPhone 4S had their shiny new phone in their hand.

First impressions were very good. The screen might have been bigger but the quality of everything from the screen to the new processor and iOS 5 made up for that fact. The only difference in appearance was a little sleeker looking and a bit heavier. The weight is not a problem as it only adds to the premium feel we get from handling it. The buttons are in slightly different places and thankfully it was available in white or black, to suit the fashionistas of the world.

The camera is much better than the iPhone 4. It boasts 8-megapixels, up from 5, and a 1080p HD video camera. The video and photo resolutions are all upgraded so coupled with the super-clear screen the quality of your photography skills just went up. The new element lens has been the major increase in quality and even the front-facing camera steps up to provide better video calling quality. The lens has a CMOS sensor with rear illumination and has an aperture of f2.4, as well as the Hybrid IR filter so the colours are as sharp as a tack.

The new software is called iOS 5 and many believe this is the biggest and best change that Apple could have made. It’s powered by the A5 processor, which is dual core, and that works together with the cleverer software so it’s efficient and works a treat when you’re using Siri, browsing the Internet and watching video clips at the same time. Siri, for those who don’t know, is the voice-activated personal assistant. The sassy voice explains what route to take if you’re lost, where your nearest shops and petrol stations are, and answers your questions in a similar way to a real person. For example, if you ask Siri what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, she’ll say it’s going to be sunny all day with a light breeze to cool you down – not 18 degrees and windy. It’s little features like that which helped people trade-in their iPhone 4 and take an iPhone 4S order.

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