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Disappointing Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Result In The Manufacturer Missing Q2 Target

News   •   Jul 05, 2013 20:01 BST

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched back in April and since its release we have heard a number of reports stating exactly how many million devices had been sold in a short period of time.  It seems however that these sales are still below what the South Korean manufacturers had predicted and as a result they have failed to meet Q2 financial targets.

In the last three months Samsung have sold a lower number of their latest flagship smartphone than they had predicted and this has resulted in the company falling short when it comes to financial targets for the period in question.  The second quarter of the year takes into account the months of April, May and June and during this time scale Samsung managed to generate an operating income of £5.5 billion.  This may sound a massive amount but it is short of the £5.8 billion that was predicted.  A company who owns Samsung shares is Dongbu Asset Management and Jung Sang-jin is a funds manager for the company.  Speaking to Times of India he commented "Is Samsung's smartphone story now over? Not quite yet. It's growth is indeed slowing due largely to disappointing sales of the S4. Yet I think Samsung has some exciting stuff up its sleeves. The problem is no one is sure whether these products can really wow investors and consumers".

Despite the lower than expected sales of the undoubtedly impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 the manufacturers actually registered increased sales when compared to the first three months of the year.  During the last quarter a total of £33 billion sales were achieved compared to £27 billion in the first quarter.  Prior to its general release many predictions had suggested that the Galaxy S4 would become the most popular device ever produced by the company.  For some reason however sales have not met expectations.  One reason could be the number of variants such as the Galaxy S4 Mini and Active that have been released.  These new phones are targeting different types of consumer and may have eaten into the demand for the S4.  The same may have happened with Nexus edition model that saw a US release recently.  Another Qualcomm 800 S4 model has also been rumoured and many consumers may be holding off for the arrival of this phone.  Visit our website for the best Samsung Galaxy S4 offers

Samsung continue to sell millions of their flagship Galaxy S4 handset but it seems that even these high number are lower than what was originally anticipated from the South Korean manufacturers.