Dolphin Browser of the Future

News   •   Oct 24, 2012 13:00 BST

 Tablets, smartphones and other multimedia technology are becoming faster, more clever, easier to use and more intuitive. The manufacturers are spending more and more time in creating innovative ideas into reality and bringing the customer incredible feats of technology. The new Dolphin browser, created by Mobatap, is an Android alternative browser. It’s very popular with techno-heads at the moment as it encapsulates futuristic ideas and has made them a reality. Gestures are one area that Dolphin really stands out, for example, make a letter T with your finger and you’ll load up Twitter.

Dolphin uses its Dolphin Sonar technology, as it’s called, to help you at every step when using the browser. You can take advantage of the voice recognition software that allows you to search and navigate websites without touching the screen. There is offline browsing of the Internet, as it saves and uses the cached pages. This is handy when you don’t want to be constantly connected to 3G and its battery sapping power.

Thanks to the popularity of Dolphin as a browser on Android phones, of which there are many, the platform was released on iOS too. The company also made browsers for BlackBerry phones and has been awarded many awards in the short time of being around. As technology develops and smartphones become faster and more powerful, it will help Dolphin and companies that are similar to create even better browsers, apps and more. By passing the word around that you can have something different other than Chrome, FireFox or whatever you use as an Internet browser on your smartphone, you can customise and personalise your phone to suit you and your needs.

In order to make smartphones better we need to see more firms like Dolphin and others coming through the ranks. With more competition and more apps, browsers and other programs it will raise the bar for what companies need to compete with instead of just having the big companies giving us poor quality apps. This means that developers and programmers should have jobs for life in whatever they do. It also means that we will have more creative ideas actually coming to fruition and that for the end user is great news.

At the moment, we have a great selection of smartphones and tablets that are really pushing the envelope when it comes to style, design and technology. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy SIII Mini are two phones that are at the very height of what we have come to expect from a smartphone. The HTC One X and the LG Nexus 4 when it comes out will be great competitors to the iPhone 5 and the SGS3.

One thing that we’ve learned is companies need to recoup the R&D costs quickly and that’s why there is always a premium for the customer to pay. However, if you compare the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals now compared to the prices they were upon launching in June then you can grab a bargain.