Don’t Be Scared to Update to iOS6

News   •   Oct 01, 2012 10:27 BST

Just two days’ before Apple launched the iPhone 5, the new operating system iOS6 was available for existing iPhone owners to upgrade. However, despite Apple giving Google Maps the boot, much to the annoyance of those existing customers, there are many reasons why you should still upgrade and not be afraid to lose out. In fact, the new iOS6 is far more special than you’d be led to believe from the damming reports.

If you haven’t already updated to iOS6 and are worried that you’ll be missing out on things then stop it. Apple wouldn’t release a worse operating system. OK, so Google Maps is gone and there is a Map app available that doesn’t quite hit the mark yet, but really, do you need your phone to direct you every day? Also, the enhancements are so good that iOS6 not having a Google Maps isn’t really a problem. The benefits far outweigh the bad. Apple has apologised for not having a decent map app available from the off, but as ever, time will tell and Apple will no doubt show that it’s just as good as Google Maps. People seem to forget it took Google four years to get it right, and Apple aren’t far behind after just a few months.

The adoption rate is double that of last year’s iOS5 upgrade, which is great news, and shows that Apple users are eager to progress and see what the firm comes up with faster than before. FaceTime is now available for those with 3G rather than just WiFi connections, which seems to be why more people have been quicker to upgrade to the new operating system. PassBook is also available with iOS6, which is essentially a mobile wallet that lets you use your smartphone as a payment card. No more carrying cash around, just hold you iPhone in front of a pay tag and enter your PIN – and voila, you’ve bought something with your phone. Cool eh? While retailers might not be fully into the whole smartphone payment scheme yet, it’s only a matter of time and iPhone users will be one of the first to be able to employ it.

Siri gets an upgrade too. ‘She’ has a better understanding of accents and has more functionality. This means that it is far better at getting the right results and searching for the answers faster and more accurately. Other smartphone makers have essentially copied the style of Siri as voice activation commands are obviously the future, as we’ve seen with Smart TVs etc. Social applications can now post directly from some apps to your Twitter or Facebook accounts, just as you would with a desktop but as mobile technology is far behind, it’s now starting to catch up.

The benefit of upgrading to iOS6 is that new apps, new technology and many other aspects of being able to use your iPhone in the future rely on the upgrade. Software fixes and bugs aside, which will be fixed any way, iOS6 is what you need today. If you haven’t seen already, iPhone 5 deals are available in the UK from certain retailers.