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Drippler App Helps Users Make The Most Of Their Samsung Galaxy S3

News   •   Aug 13, 2012 09:54 BST

In this article I am going to look at an app called 'Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App' from app developer Drippler. This is aimed at helping users of the Korean manufacturer's latest flagship smartphone to get the most out of all the feautres it offers.


As we all known, technology moves very quickly these days, and this is especially true of smartphones, and it can be difficult to stay up to date with all the developments. This is where the Drippler app can come in handy. The main function of this app is to help you to make the most of all the feaurs of the phone. With such an extensive spec list and so many features in cluded it is all to easy to only use your phone for a small handful of tasks, and not utilise it to its full potnetial. The Drippler app provides step by step guides, videos and articles to help you make the most of the Galaxy S3.


Also, it will keep yu informed of all the latest updates to its software and operating system, as well as recommend other apps and even run special offers of selected apps. Although this app is by no means an essentiual download, it is a great source of information, especially for those who are unfamiliar with such devices. As an added bonus, this app is also free to download, and there are also versions for other Android smartphones available.


Of course, the ability to borwse and download apps is a major part of the appeal of smartphones in general, and with over 500,000 apps available on the Google Play Store, the Galaxy S3 is able to take advantage of even the most advacned thanks to its powerful hardware and software alike.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is already well known for its advanced specifications like its 4.8 inch touchscreen, 8 megapixle camera with 1080p HD video capture and 1.4GHz dual-core processor which makes it one of the most powerful smartphones available.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 looks set to remain a popular smartphone for the forseeable future, alothough it has recently been announced that the Apple iphone 5 is due to be released next month, so this will have to be very impressive if it is to claw back some of the market share it lost to brands like Samsung.

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