Driving Business Performance and Innovation with Enterprise Architecture

News   •   Dec 24, 2013 14:05 GMT

Driving Business Performance and Innovation with Enterprise Architecture
Chris Potts
6-7 March 2014, London

This seminar is designed for Enterprise Architects and the people they work with, to explore how best to make Enterprise Architecture a highly-valued innovative and influential business discipline.  At its core, this means integrating formalised Enterprise Architecture with corporate and business strategies, business planning, and the process of creating value from investments in change.  The focus of the seminar and workshop is on how to embed Enterprise Architecture into mainstream business decision-making, rather than on the frameworks and processes that Enterprise Architects use.  Delegates will learn:
• Strategy for innovating with Enterprise Architecture
• Specific, architectural, measures of business performance that Enterprise Architects need, to plan their most valuable interventions
• Developing, illustrating and applying design themes for the enterprise’s architecture
• How Enterprise Architects use scenario planning to guide business decision-making
• The interdependencies between Enterprise Architecture and investing in change
• Fostering collaboration around the enterprise in ways that enhance measurable results.