Edwin Cooke

Easy referrals each time you close a sale with scratch cards?

News   •   Sep 29, 2010 11:30 BST

Have you ever considered using scratch cards instead of business cards? Why not, they are a fun way to promote offers and get your contact details spread widely. You could offer a wide variety of promotions that can get people interested in your business:-

-         £100 off your first order

-         20% off your next trip to your premises (Cinema, Ten Pin Bowling, LaserQuest etc)

-         Offer 500 of XYZ for £499!

-         Free Cuddly Toy when you spend over £100


Whatever your deals and promotions are, you need to spread the word. If you also offer a referral fee of say 10% or £5 towards their next purchase for each order you get from one your customer’s referrals, then they are more likely to refer for you and your life is easier.

Scratch cards cost around twice the price of standard business cards, but offers often can make them much cheaper. One such business offering these services is Creation Publicity. They've provided a few examples and also some useful links regarding the rules surrounding lotteries, gambling and gaming which you need to be aware of if you wish to use them.