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Easyart Are Proud Partners of Art Everywhere

News   •   Jun 12, 2013 14:55 BST

We’re taking part in a massive celebration of British art. As a proud partner of the Art Everywhere project, we’ve taken on the mammoth task of staging the largest exhibition the world has ever seen. For two weeks this August, billboards up and down the country will be transformed into British masterpieces from UK public collections. Here’s the plan.

Start Donating
First of all, the project needs your help, if you want to see a Bacon at your bus stop or Turner at the train station all you need to donate is £3. This pays for the paper and print that will convert a billboard into a great piece of art. Give a little more and you can get some exclusive limited edition rewards designed by British artist Bob and Roberta Smith and some amazing artwork.

1. Badges 2. Framed Print 3. Poster 4. T-shirt 5. Tote

Get Liking
From the 24th June, you’ll get the chance to have your say. Help choose the final 50 pieces of art to display across 1000s of sites. ‘Like’ the pieces that make you go ‘WOW’ and would look great as a poster. Follow Art Everywhere on Facebook so that you know when you can highlight your favourites.

Begin Enjoying
From 10th – 25th August the posters will be live nationwide. We want you to be moved, inspired, get smiling and sharing. Learn about the art in your area, tell us what you’ve seen and what you think. And if after two weeks you feel like you can’t live without seeing your favourite piece everyday, you can buy a copy for your home.

Get donating, and keep and eye out for more news and updates on the project.

Let’s get art everywhere!