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Echoer-Great Social Networking For The iPhone 4S

News   •   May 06, 2012 10:54 BST

One of the wonderful things about the iPhone 4S is the sheer number of applications that users have access to via the iTunes App Store. Social networking applications are currently one of the most popular types of application with new software popping up on a weekly basis. We take a quick look at the new Echoer application, the newest social networking software for this great phone.

Many people may think that they do not have the time for another application of this type or even need one. Echoer is very different from other software as it is purely a tool for users to comment on places that they visit. This in turn allows other users to act on their recommendations and therefore Echoer is potentially a very powerful tool for the iPhone 4S. The application is very simple to use with users being presented with a map that shows their current surroundings. This is achieved by the application using the phones GPRS to pinpoint the users exact location. This map will then highlight where other users of the software have left "echoes". These echoes can be either a thought, an event or a discovery with each type having its own colour so they are easier to spot on the map. A thought could pretty much be anything that is on your mind that relates to your current location. An example of this could be suggesting trying out the new steam room at a particular gym. An event simply highlights an upcoming event such as a band playing at a bar. Perhaps the most useful area of this app is the discovery section where you can recommend restaurant meals, films worth seeing or a new clothing range in a department store. The more popular that any echo becomes the larger it appears on the map which makes it easier to quickly check out what most people are interested in.

The concept behind the Echoer application for the iPhone 4Sis very good and it enables users to easily discover things about places that are near to you or even places that you are planning to visit in the future. It also allows you to share you experiences with the community and this is not only restricted to other Echoer users. The software links with both Facebook and Twitter which means that your thoughts can potentially viewed by thousands of people. This app works very well indeed and it will only improve as more users sign up and enhance the overall experience. The application was launched in Canada in February and because of the success it has achieved it has now been made available for UK iPhone users. The application is free from the iTunes App Store but at this moment in time most of the echoes that have been posted are in the London area but as the popularity of the software grows expect to see its use become much more widespread.

Echoer for the iPhone 4S is a well designed application that helps users to discover things about the world around them in addition to posting their own thoughts. As the popularity of this software grows the service will improve and provide a wealth of information about a variety of topics from traffic congestion to recommended restaurants.

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