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EE reportedly peeved over Vodafone’s use of ‘Ultrafast 4G’ moniker at British Grand Prix

News   •   Jul 01, 2013 15:42 BST

EE, the first network operator in the UK to offer 4G data for devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 (check out Samsung Galaxy S4 here) and the Apple iPhone 5 (check out Apple iPhone 5 here), is reportedly peeved over Vodafone’s use of the “Ultrafast 4G” moniker at the British Grand Prix. Vodafone is claiming that EE is demanding that the branding be removed. EE denies this.

TechRadar (check out TechRadar here) reports Vodafone saying, “This is sponsorship, not advertising. The clue is in the team’s name: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. We’re using the cars to build further awareness of our forthcoming ultrafast 4G service.

“It’s a ‘static promotion’, albeit on a car that can travel at over 200mph. Consumers know Vodafone’s ultrafast 4G is coming. We’ve said very publicly it will be here by the late summer. Even if someone seeing the car wasn't aware of that, there is no ‘call to action’ on it.”

It also reports EE saying, “We’re far from demanding Jenson get garaged, we’re right behind him for tomorrow’s race. We simply asked why advertise a product that you don't have?

“When it comes to 4G mobile networks, Vodafone UK isn’t even on the grid.”

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