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EOS to be named Lumia 1020 by Nokia when launched, tweet says

News   •   Jun 26, 2013 14:54 BST

Nokia has released two teasers saying “Zoom Reinvented” and “41 million reasons,” which hints the coming of a Lumia handset sporting a 41-megapixel camera. We’ve known for some time that the device has been codenamed the EOS, but we haven’t the slightest idea on what it will be called upon launch, until now. The EOS will be named the Lumia 1020 by Nokia when launched, a tweet says.

Evleaks (check out Twitter account here) is the Twitter account responsible for the tweet. The notorious leaker tweeted, “EOS = Nokia Lumia 1020.”

1020 is obviously a number higher than 925. This suggests that the Lumia 1020 will be a more expensive handset compared to the already high-end Lumia 925 (check out Nokia Lumia 925 here).

Will Nokia name the EOS the Lumia 1020? Of course, this still remains to be seen. However, Evleaks is known for being right more often than it is wrong. So Lumia 1020 could be right on the button.