Errands Plus

Errands Plus - The Errand Service in London offers a discount for the holiday season.

News   •   Nov 09, 2010 22:45 GMT

Errands Plus today announced a new offering designed to help individuals and businesses save even more time and money on errands over the holiday season through a further 5% discount on errand costs.

According to Oga Obianyor, the CEO of Errands Plus, “The holidays, especially the Xmas holidays, present a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with our clients in a more intimate way. Indeed, this year more than ever before, we feel a strong need to make an offering that eases the tensions of the economic recession we all experienced in the past months and direct savings on costs has to be the way forward. By doing this, we hope to strengthen existing relationships and attract new ones while ensuring that the standard of our service remains very high.”

Errands Plus frequently run personal and corporate errands all around London and the UK. Every day, the team of highly trained errand runners facilitate everything from waiting for service men at home, picking up forgotten items, collecting a passport or travel visa, queuing and waiting on long lines, same day grocery shopping; to even travelling abroad on behalf of a client.

"No errand is too big or too small" noted Ola Dare, an Errand Manager. "We are all about running errands in an intelligent yet highly personalised way. This holiday season we expect to be doing all manner of errands like buying and wrapping presents, key holding and manning houses for vacationers, including watering their plants and alternating lights to give an illusion of the houses being occupied. Last year we travelled all the way to Paris to pick up presents and special foods for one client."

The Errand Service in London will have this offer running for a very limited time and hopes that the discount savings for clients will encourage people to plan and delegate Xmas errands on time. "When it comes to holiday errands and planning," Oga Obianyor continued, "it's best to start early. That way there’s ample time to manoeuvre around common holiday mishaps like delayed packages, etc.”

Errands Plus’ discount offer can be claimed simply by delegating a Xmas related errand anytime before the 15th of December, 2010. Their friendly staff are at the other end of the telephone 02074768141 waiting to help. Errands may also be delegated online 24/7 through the smart errand delegation portal at