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Essential Olympic Apps For The iPhone 4S

News   •   Jul 29, 2012 19:42 BST

With the Olympics 2012 finally underway many people on the move want to keep up to date with what is happening at the event. The iPhone 4S offers several applications that help you to monitor what is happening at the games. We look at our favourite Olympics apps for this model.

For everything you possibly need that is related to the Olympics the BBC application is perfect. This excellent piece of software for the iPhone 4S boasts some great features but its main attraction is the live streams that it can deliver direct to the phone. The BBC have exclusive rights to broadcast the games so any action currently taking place can be viewed using this app. There are up to 24 streams available at any time meaning you can choose the sports that really interest you rather than what the broadcasters choose to show. Users will need a good WiFi or 3G signal to enjoy the coverage but this should not pose much of a problem for many users although be careful of using up data allowance when viewing on 3G. The BBC Olympics application also offers in depth news on everything that is related to the Olympics. Every competing athlete has there own page which can be viewed as does every sport featured in the competition. A search option makes it easy for the user to find the exact details that they require.

There are also two official Olympics applications available for the iPhone 4S. The London 2012 app lets users know of everything that is happening related to the games. This app features details of both sporting event and cultural celebrations that are happening. There is a wealth of information about venues where games are taking place and many of these also have augmented reality views as well as details about spectator facilities. The second official application is the London 2012 Results app and as its name suggests this is where you can keep up to date with the sporting action that has happened throughout the games. The applications offers a simple and easy to use interface which features a search option which allows users to search for a sport, country or athlete. All 36 different events are covered by the application and a handy medals table gives you an idea about which countries are performing the best. This app is a superb way to keep up to date with any action that you may have missed from the games.

Several applications have been launched for the iPhone 4S to coincide with the Olympic games but the three we have looked at our the best around. We love the streaming features incorporated in the BBC application while the two official apps are great for checking out whats coming up and also what action has already taken place.

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