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EU lowers mobile roaming rates in Europe

News   •   Jul 02, 2013 09:07 BST

If you travel across Europe, you must be afraid to use your Samsung Galaxy S4 (check out Samsung Galaxy S4 here) or Apple iPhone 5 (check out Apple iPhone 5 here) since roaming charges will drive your phone bill high. This will no longer be the case, thanks to the EU.

The news comes to us courtesy of BBC (check it out here). The BBC reports, “New EU limits come into force which will reduce the amount mobile phone providers can charge for making or receiving calls abroad.

“It will also bring down the cost of accessing the internet.”

It adds, “The cost of making mobile phone calls outside a person's own country, known as roaming, has traditionally been very high.

“The latest cuts come into force on Monday, when the maximum cost of making a call will fall by a fifth to 24 euro cents a minute or just over 20p, plus the VAT rate applicable in the relevant EU country.

“But the biggest change is to data charges - the cost of using the internet or applications linked to it.

“That will fall by roughly a third to 45 euro cents per megabyte or about 38.5p, plus VAT.

“However, these reductions will only apply within the borders of the European Union.

“In other countries charges both for making calls and for using the internet are likely to remain higher.”

Does this make you want to travel across Europe more often? Drop a comment below.