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EU working on getting rid of roaming charges across Europe next year

News   •   Jun 19, 2013 15:52 BST

Do you constantly travel across Europe? Are going out of your mind constantly dealing with roaming charges, since you use your Apple iPhone 5 (check Apple iPhone 5 out here) or Samsung Galaxy S4 (check Samsung Galaxy S4 out here) to call, text, or browse while abroad? If this is the case, you might not have to deal with this problem next year. A report is saying the EU (European Union) is working on getting rid of roaming charges across Europe.

The rumour comes to us courtesy of The Telegraph (check out story here). The Telegraph’s source says, “They agreed that this time next year we will have got rid of these charges.”

The source adds, “There are around 100 operators in Europe and only four in the US. That’s not sustainable if we’re going to have a single market and investment. Europe has less 4G mobile broadband than Africa at the moment.

“Consolidation is not the aim. The aim is a single market, but if it means we get fewer, stronger operators, that’s good.”

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