Exclusive! Interview with designer Guillermo Leon

News   •   Oct 14, 2010 10:39 BST

Before Guillermo obtained his masters in high fashion, he wanted to become an actor, so he studied scenic arts for a long time during his youth. He feels that all of this “defines him as being a creative designer.”

He informed me that even though the way he started off as a Fashion Designer wasn’t perfect, through a lot of hard work, determination and self discipline it made him the person he is today. And that is really all that counts. “I used to learn about my mistakes, and used to see my problems as chances to learn more by being stronger every day.”

Luckily, for Guillermo a lot of the press in Mexico are his friends, however, “we do not always agree on the same things, but we are on the same wavelength, all working for the same thing - Fashion.”

His admiration for Historical Designers such as Poiret, Yves Saint Laurent, Vionnet and Balenciaga are his frequent references in his design work. “Jean Paul Gaultier is one of my favourites.”

The hardest thing, Guillermo says, about being a Fashion Designer is making clients understand that the new ideas have to replace the old ones.

His most recent collection was inspired by the poet, dramatist and theatre director, Federico Garcia Lorca. Guillermo says that he “wanted to learn more about Federico’s life and feelings” he got a lot of information all of which drove him to choose lace, flowers and romantic shapes; which could be seen on his models at the Mexico Fashion Week.

He has just started working on a new collection of scarves which were inspired by classic painters. His future plans include developing his tailoring skills so that he can have a larger menswear collection.

Guillermo says: “it feels great to see celebrities wearing my collections” as he finds that celebrities make fashion accessible to many people.

He currently sells his collections directly in his showroom, at Monterrey and Guerrero, both in Mexico, and of course now at

Article by Charlotte Thwaites