EXCLUSIVE: Interview with designer Sandrine Tessier

News   •   Oct 18, 2010 15:41 BST

Sandrine Tessier is a French jewellery designer who was born into a world of jewellery. Her grandfather was a jeweller and her grandmother mastered in enamelling. Her personal adventure with fine jewellery began when she studied it at Ecole rue Louvre in Paris and now jewellery design has become her profession and also her lifestyle.

Sandrine knew she would never like working for someone else, so starting her own business was the best way forward. She says there were no big obstacles for her to overcome when starting her business because she completely trusted the people around her who helped her. Sandrine’s work is “more of a passion than financial gain.”

From her designs, you can see there is so much attention to detail, pieces of French fine jewellery with really rich ‘savoir-faire’. Her rings have a surprising twist in the details which cannot be seen at a first glance. She explains that the metal is the most important element in her designs as it’s the way she maintains the enamel and stones which are on the jewellery.

Sandrine’s design philosophy is to make the customer truly happy: “isn’t that the best philosophy?’ she quips. She doesn’t imagine anyone well known to wear her jewellery, she views all her customers the same, all of them are a ‘celebrity’ to her and is glad when each of her customers walk away with one of her unique designs.

Sandrine’s advice to aspiring fashion students who want a future in jewellery design is to ‘improve your skills each day, and listen to the people who have the knowledge’.

Sandrine’s future plans involve bigger pieces of jewellery, large necklaces and more precious stones. Her designs are available to buy on her website ( and on



 EXCLUSIVE: Interview with designer Sandrine Tessier 10/16/2010