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Eye Catching New iPhone 6 Concept Images Released

News   •   Jul 07, 2013 18:00 BST

Apple are rumoured to be releasing their new iPhone 5S handset later in the summer but many Apple fanatics are more eager to see the iPhone 6 which is scheduled for 2014.  This is because the model is set to boast a brand new design unlike the 5S which will just be an update of the iPhone 5.  Little is known about the 2014 model yet but a new concept design of the phone has emerged givings us a hint at what to expect from the handset.

The most striking aspect of the new concept idea for the iPhone 6 that has been released is that it shows the model sporting a 6 inch edge to edge display.  This means that the screen on the phone meets the very edges of the handsets body with no bezel.  The new idea has come from designer Jonny Plaid and it looks set to be the slimmest iPhone ever released despite the incorporation of a bigger display.  This larger screen will mean however that the phone is both taller and wider than previous models.  The concept phone is constructed from high quality aluminium carbon fibre which will also make the phone the most durable device from Apple to date.  Plaid states that the model will be 60 per cent stronger than the iPhone 5 while at the same time being 40 per cent lighter.

It is clear to see from the new image that the iPhone 6 in the design is running on the iOS7 operating system which is set to be released later in the year.  A strange aspect of the concept however is that the model is lacking a physical home key and this is required for a number of features included on iOS7 such as multi tasking facilities and the Siri voice activated assistant.  The new large display is set to be labelled as the Retina Display 2 and will feature a layer of Graphene to make it tougher than Gorilla Glass which is used on a number of rival handsets.  "Having the thickness of just one carbon atom, graphene is the strongest known material. A single layer of graphene is virtually indestructible" said the designer.  Of course this is all mere speculation based on the little we know about the iPhone 6 but it certainly gives us an idea about what to expect from this exciting new model. keep tabs on the breaking iPhone 6 deals as they are announced

The iPhone 6 is tipped to arrive in 2014 boasting a new design and an array of new features.  Until we get nearer to a launch date concept designs such as the one dreamed up by Plaid is the nearest we will get to knowing what to expect from the handset.