Facebook to Build its Own Smartphone!

News   •   Jul 27, 2012 07:00 BST

The social network giants are working alongside HTC in a bid to develop its own smartphone. As the trend of logging onto Facebook has switched from desktops and laptops to smartphones, Facebook mobile users need to be able to have a phone that has more features for Facebook and not be limited by other types of operating systems and phones.

Despite the poor trading since floating the company on the stock market, Facebook is adamant that increasing the mobile advertising and mobile user’s experience will be beneficial for the firm. Shares fell to 22.50 Euros from 23.78 Euros on the German stock exchange, and Zynga gaming also reported a poor first and second quarter of 2012. Even the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that the mobile market is the toughest challenge for the social media giants yet.

By working alongside HTC, Facebook would be able to have a clean, smart looking smartphone that would be able to feed off advertising and collect its own revenue rather than entice others and only make a small proportion off. As there is already a Facebook button on HTC devices the relationship between the two firms is already there and thanks to the HTC One X and the newer, faster, more powerful HTC One X Plus having such great specifications HTC seems to be the company to go for. Unfortunately, HTC sales have dropped almost 50% this year so any partnership to invigorate the brand is useful at this moment.

Facebook has already looked into expanding its already growing portfolio by snapping up Instagram for $1 billion – the photo enhancement app is loved by many for its ability to turn normal pictures into smart-looking, professional ones. At this moment, Facebook already has the major components of a mobile phone operating system with its existing calendar function and it could easily adapt Google Android to make it easier for people to acclimatise to. As Facebook has already brought out its own App Centre, to rival Google Play and the App Store from Apple, as well as employing ex-Apple software designers it seems the ball has been in motion for some time.

Of course, Facebook declined to comment about the operating system or the smartphone or even the link with HTC, but they agreed that the mobile market is so important to dip into right now. It’s more important for social networking to be available – and better! – on a mobile phone than it is on a desktop or laptop just down the sheer number of mobile users. You only need to look at Samsung’s 10.1 million handset sales in 7 weeks sales figures to realise that!

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