Fancy a Samsung Galaxy S2 in Hot Pink?

News   •   May 24, 2012 13:00 BST

The South Korean giants, Samsung, seemingly cannot put a foot wrong with the Galaxy S2. While other, lesser models look similar the S2 is the full package. It’s blessed with monumental amounts of technology, has stunning features and is so intuitive to use that almost anyone of any age will love it. It’s not surprising it’s been the number 1 selling smartphone for so long now and has cemented the firm at the top of the sales leagues.

So, with that in mind Samsung decided a little brand bending exercise and looked to target funky females with its hot pink Galaxy S2. The usual colour for a smartphone has been brushed aluminium, grey, piano black or matt black which provide the elegant and stylish look. However, hot pink just adds that little extra character that ladies around the world are looking for. Not everyone wants a dull looking smartphone. Many people buy them now as a fashion accessory and the S2 is certainly the one to have if you want to make a statement.

The hot pink S2 can be seen as a kick in the shins for Apple’s iPhone which is only available in white or black. Now, the iPhone does look good but Samsung have shown huge confidence in their handset by giving it such as shocking pink colour. With 30+ million sales last year Samsung could do anything to the Galaxy S2 and people would still buy it. Running on the irrefutable Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 operating system from Android, it’s packed full of Google’s own features and apps as well as having the most popular marketplace for downloads.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 just around the corner, now is the time to snap up the last remaining hot pink Galaxy S2 handsets as retailers try and make way for the new phone. As there will be a premium put on the S3, the price of S2 smartphones will continue to drop and you can see just which retailer in the UK has the best one from our comparison chart.

One thing is for sure is that when you buy a hot pink Galaxy S2 you’re still getting the phenomenal smartphone. It runs on the 2.3 version of Gingerbread and boasts a 4.2” Super AMOLED screen that is easy to use and allows mulit-touch. You are given widgets to access social media networks and there is a 1080p HD video camera as well as an 8 megapixel unit. There are a boat-load of games, apps and features that will keep you entertained until the Galaxy S4 comes out! The dual core processor is clocked at 1.2GHz which is lightning-quick and gives you the chance to really test your phone’s performance as you can perform many tasks at the same time without making it hang or stutter.

If you love to be different but have fallen for the Galaxy S2 then the hot pink version can be yours. Buy now to grab hold of the clearance sales before they sell out!