Fancy the Nokia 800 Deal That You Can't Ignore?

News   •   Aug 11, 2012 13:00 BST

Nokia Lumia 800 is the mid-range smartphone which follows the lead of Nokia Lumia 900 in Nokia’s Lumia series of smartphones. It is also the very first Nokia handset to spring up from the Nokia-Windows tie-up which carries the latest version of Windows Phone operating system.

Tech critics says their kudos to Nokia with the Lumia 800’s quality design, clever interface, speedy browser, intuitive contact calling feature, and XBOX integration. Four months after it has been released to the public, Nokia announced that it will be going through major operating system updates to make this a more attractive phone to techies. The new set of Nokia Lumia 800 sold on stores these days are the ones which operating system is already updated to Windows Phone’s latest which is called the Windows Phone Mango. With this, Nokia handset lovers are even more eager in getting their hands into one of these smartphones.

The Nokia Lumia 800 brags of a sleek exterior styling which is a little comparable to the Nokia N9 but with a smaller screen which measures 3.7 inches or 800 x 480 pixels. In respect to the OS upgrade, Nokia did a great job in increasing CPU quality from 1GHz ARM Cortex -18 to an amazing and even more impressive MSM 8255 Snapdragon/Scorpion which brags of better speed and adds snap to the Windows Phone Mango OS. Though it has the same colour depth on screen resolution with the cheaper Nokia N9, Lumia 800’s AMOLED screens definitely has more to offer when it comes to vivid colour display and contrast ratios.

Deviating from Nokia comparisons, the Nokia Lumia 800 can also compete with other Windows Phone Mango handsets such as the HTC Titan and HTC Radar in terms of features and is similar with HTC Titan with the same fixed internal storage of 16 GB.

With the recent interest of the public to super-sized screens, one can say that the Nokia Lumia 800 is quite a competitive piece though it does not exceed the 4-inch size. Just like the iPhone, it also has the potential of booming to success when features are considered and not the screen size per se.

Nokia Lumia 800 deals vary not just with the network that you will get it from but also with the kind of service a user will be getting. For people who have the capacity to pay monthly dues on mobile phone network subscription, he or she can get the Nokia Lumia 800 through contracts. Nokia Lumia 800 deals are quite reasonable when applied on a contract. As for those who want to save more money and break free from monthly tariffs which will be incurred through Nokia Lumia 800 deals on contracts but desires to double up on minutes of calls, there are also many Nokia Lumia 800 deals available for Pay-As-You-Go SIM cards. Last, there are also SIM free deals where the Nokia Lumia 800 can be bought as just a handset without network subscriptions. The last option is for those who wants the device but are happy with their current network.