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​How to search for your colleagues (and not waste time)!

News   •   Feb 13, 2017 14:27 GMT

Sometimes it is hard to find your colleagues – especially when you work at a big office with over 200 employees. We want to make it easier for you. At the same time we want to increase collaboration among colleagues and departments, and minimize wasting time trying to find each other. Because we believe that cooperation should be made easy. Here is our solution. 

With the help of our unique feature Colleague Finder, you can stop searching for your colleagues. On the a map, that is a digital replica of your office, you can easily spot the real time location of your work mates and see if they are occupied. Furthermore, by integrating it with Lync, Sametime or Google Talk, you can send them an instant message with just one click on your phone.

However, we know that there are boundaries in terms of personal integrity. This is why we have developed the invisible mode, which employees at any time can choose when wanting to work undisturbed.

Isn’t it great? Colleague Finder saves you time - this so you can finish your daily to-dos.

Read more about Colleague Finder here.