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Four ways to keep your construction clients happy

News   •   Jul 14, 2017 11:52 BST

Taking on a contractor for a project can be a very daunting prospect. The construction companies that promise the earth in a bid to win a contract may be the very same that deliver one disappointment and setback after another. It’s in the interests of your business success that you’re not that company.

But the route to customer satisfaction goes beyond achieving what’s expected, on time and within budget. Here are four qualities you need to display to keep your clients happy, and hopefully, singing your praises in the future:

1) Open, frequent communication

You may have a clear idea of delivery dates and sub-contractor availability, which means you’ll also be aware of potential setbacks which are beyond your control. Keep the dialogue between you and your client honest and regular. If you’re unable to speak to them directly, ensure that other members of your team or customer service department, if you have one, are fully briefed on the current status of the project.

Make time to talk through any significant problems with your client to ensure they have clarity at all times, even if it’s not good news.

2) Punctuality

If you prepare in the early stages and give a completion date that allows for snags, then hopefully you won’t have to have to inform your clients that you’re running behind schedule. Consider how the weather may have an impact, or any potential market changes which could affect your key suppliers.

3) Presentation

Aside from reducing the risk of accidents on site and improving efficiency, an orderly work process will send the right message to clients when catching up on your progress.

4) Customer service

Every point of interaction your client has with your business needs to be considered from their point of view. That means ease of access to online information and a strong team who are available to talk through any concerns or questions. When previous customers are reviewing your services, obviously the success of the project itself comes under scrutiny. After that, they may be looking at your company ethos and the way you work as a whole.

It would be a shame to get everything right during the build, only to let yourself down for the smaller but other critical areas, such as the initial consultation or post-project customer care.

Why is customer satisfaction so important?

Paying close attention to how your customers feel about your product can help your business progress in a few ways. Brand awareness and good reputation have a huge role to play in securing future contracts, and by building a good relationship with previous, current, and prospective customers, they’re more likely to provide feedback which may – if not determine then certainly influence – the direction of your business in the future.

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