Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S3 For Video Quality?

News   •   Oct 10, 2012 13:00 BST

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been on everyone’s lips since June of this year, with its stunning display, hefty capacity, long battery life and incredible cameras, but now Samsung has launched the Note 2 which is set to be a thorn in its side. The Note 2 is a larger, phablet-esque smartphone that is enormous but with it brings a display that is ideal for watching videos and being able to view images on. It’s all about the display but it also contains much of the same techno gizmos as the Galaxy S3.

The larger display of the Galaxy Note 2 is the main difference you notice between the two devices. With 5.5” of Super AMOLED HD display it shadows the already quite large 4.8” screen on the Galaxy S3. However, when you watch the same video clips on either device the quality is very similar. However, as a portable device the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a far better as it’s thinner and lighter by 50g. This might not seem like a big weight difference but the SG3 is closer to regular smartphones at 133g in total, whereas the Note 2 is more of a tablet weight. The Note 2 is also around 1mm thicker which means it takes up more room in your pocket or handbag.

While the larger screen might be more appealing as bigger is always better, the Note 2 cannot beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 for all-round appeal. It’s super-fast, super-clever and looks the part. It’s no wonder it has sold more than 20 million devices since its launch. It still remains as the most popular phone out there, even with the introduction of the HTC One X and the iPhone 5. While the iPhone 5 might steal some sales figures by the end of October the Samsung Galaxy S3 remains as one of the stars of the modern era of smartphones.

For those that are more on a media slant the Note 2 is ideal, however. It is larger, comes with the incredibly clever S-Pen which has varying pressure indicators so you can be lighter on the screen. It also means that you don’t need to wear down your fingerprints scrolling across the huge screen.  As the Note 2 is the second generation of the Samsung tablet-phone range it excels itself even compared to the impressive Note.

Samsung really have every corner of the market licked with the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 as well as the smaller, lighter, less advanced phones taking over the mid-range smartphone market. You can count on Samsung to always push the boundaries and bring something new and more amazing out every few months. With Android being the operating system of choice, the firm has started to try out Windows Phone 8 versions which shows that Microsoft could well be the new choice for operating systems in the future.

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