Galaxy S4 cases with style and colour

News   •   Jun 14, 2013 07:00 BST

There are lots of plain and unattractive Samsung Galaxy S4 cases around but there are at least five Galaxy S4 cases that defy the odds of being uninteresting and dull. Here are some of them.

It is a pink polka dots flip case. What’s so nice about this S4 case is that it has a unique combination that makes it pleasing to look at. It is nice for ladies who love being stylish. The flip case also protects the screen from being scratched. This case comes in red colour which is a little bit loud.

Second is the blue glacier case, one of the simplest yet attractive. It has a transparent blue design that reminds the user of an ice. It is slim which adds a little bit to the Samsung Galaxy S4 size. Though there is a downside in this case, it looks good to S4’s white than in black.

Another one of the most popular cases for the S4 is the Quiksilver Redemption Proporta hard case. It is slim yet hard on design with a painted chequered pattern. It is consists of 7 different colours and logos that makes it pleasing to look at and yet classy.

Blue Slim Armour case though not as colourful as the others, it has a two tone ultra modern look. It offers protection to your phone too because it has dual layer design with a hard polycarbonate shell. It is also available in bright red, as well as white or black.

The most colourful Galaxy S4 cover is the Cygnett Icon Art Series. It is consists of lots of bold colours in a very nice combination. If you want a case that has an eye catching look, this is the one.

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