Galaxy SIII Unlocked and Updated in the UK Now

News   •   Oct 23, 2012 13:00 BST

 Finally, Samsung’s Galaxy SIII has received the Jelly Bean update in the UK. Since the launch of Android’s new operating system that sits on top of Ice Craem Sandwich, the Jelly Bean system has been fraught with bugs and problems getting over the air updates to the UK. However, the news isn’t all good. It’s only available for those who have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy SIII, though.

This is bad news for those on mobile phone contracts and are tied into having the phone attached to the network. The good news is that PAYG SIM cards are starting to become very popular again thanks to the high contract prices for new phones and lengthy contracts. The PAYG SIM cards are available from many stores but as with contracts you should compare PAYG SIM cards as well. Yes, it’s true there are many out there but they differ as well. You can get different levels of data, texts and message bundles wrapped up with your PAYG SIM card so it’s important to choose the right one.

As you can buy a Samsung Galaxy SIII outright it may seem like a high price today but the fact is you’re actually better off because a 2 year contract will cost you a lot more. We know that Christmas is coming up and stumping up £400+ on a handset might be worrying but it’s an investment as you won’t have to pay a contract payment out when you’re short some months. PAYG SIM cards are gaining in popularity thanks to the free card from Vodafone, Giff Gaff and many more.

The new Jelly Bean 4.1.1 operating system has been available for UK owners of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and you would have already got a notification saying that it had updated. However, if you’re still thinking about getting one then there is no better time. With rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming out next year, the iPhone 5 being so popular and the SG3 being a few months old it’s actually far more affordable now than it ever has been. You’ll find that the Android updates are more readily available for unlocked handsets and PAYG SIM cards. It also means that you own it outright and don’t need to keep on paying. If you spend £10 per month on data, texts and minutes you’ll find that you’re better off buying the handset and then a PAYG SIM card.

However, the total cost of a Samsung Galaxy SIII is quite high. It is essentially a mini laptop as it has stunning levels of performance, power, storage and looks the part too. So, it’s actually worth the money and you can get a jump others who have an SG3 as they still haven’t even got the Jelly Bean update yet.

So, if you’re looking for a contract then check out the Samsung Galaxy SIII deals or compare PAYG SIM cards and buy the handset outright and be a happy SG3 owner.