Gambro introduces the Central Water Plant 106 H DP, a new benchmark in water purification for dialysis

News  •  May 03, 2012 12:32 BST

Gambro is the number one provider globally in high-quality water purification for dialysis. With the launch of the new Central Water Plant (CWP) 106 H Double Pump (DP) we extend the product offering to our customers by providing a unit with a higher product water flow at 45L/ min with inbuilt redundancy.  The new CWP 106 H DP builds on the quality already established within Gambro and the manufacture of its CWP units solely designed for the Renal Market.

With this extra capacity, further dialysis machines can be connected to a distribution system – allowing more patients access to life-saving dialysis.  The CWP 106 H DP unit maintains Gambro’s high quality standards as a leader in the ‘Hygienic Chain’ principle of maintaining full microbial control of water systems.

The new CWP 106 H DP unit features:

  • Higher Capacity - up to 45 L/ min - a greater number of dialysis machines can be serviced with high-quality water in the clinics.
  • Heat disinfection of the fluid path all the way to the patient -‘The Hygienic Chain’
  • A choice of remote communications solutions - for improved alarm handling options for the Service Technicians
  • Integrated hot water tank - for the loop and integrated heat disinfection
  • Redesigned - fully enclosed frame ensuring a low noise level

With over forty-five years experience in dialysis and thirty years delivering water systems to our customers, Gambro has amassed a huge amount of experience and knowledge of both the chemistry and biology of dialysis water.  Gambro Water Systems play a major part in the Hygienic Chain concept – a unique focus on purity throughout the entire fluid path to ensure the highest-quality patient treatment.

Our expertise is trusted by customers and recognized in the medical world, and that responsibility drives us to continually deepen our understanding.  As a sponsor of many scientific congresses and conferences and a member of the International Standards Organization, Gambro is committed to advances in water quality for optimal patient dialysis.

The newly launched CWP 106 H DP unit is further proof of our commitment to providing the best water to our customers.

Notes to editors:
Read more about the CWP 106 H DP here

For further information please contact:
Kristina Embring-Klang, Vice President Global Communications
Phone: +46734169847





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