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GATC Biotech launches break-through hybrid sequencing approach to analyse genomic complexity

News   •   Feb 14, 2013 07:07 GMT

Taking the road to provide new applications within DNA sequencing, GATC Biotech has launched a high-quality genome assembly to improve the study of genomic complexity. The unique combination of ultra-long PacBio RS reads and high-quality GS FLX data can unravel the analysis of unknown genomes.

The InView™ De novo Genome service provides a hybrid sequencing approach leading to a high-quality genome assembly via error correction. Ultra-long reads of PacBio RS can be assembled with a very low missmatch rate when correcting them with reads from the GS FLX. This innovative approach shortens the time frame needed for manual curation of the assembly and therefore results in a remarkable saving of costs. The overall efficiency of an entire sequencing and assembly project improves tremendously.

“The combination of extremely long PacBio RS reads and more accurate GS FLX data results in fewer and larger contigs“, tells Dr. Kerstin Stangier, Director Next Gen Sequencing at GATC Biotech. “The joint forces of two technologies now lead to an accurate analysis of the structure, the genetic potential and the content of a genome. At the same time, this approach is faster and more affordable.”

Determining the complete genome sequence of an organism has been a long and complex approach, hence high-quality assemblies are crucial for further downstream analyses, e.g. genome annotation. InView™ now combines streamlined workflows with high quality standards that provide customers worldwide a focused and yet affordable Next Gen Sequencing solution.

The new application helps to understand the genetic basis for phenotypes and to discover metabolic pathways. It also proves that the lower accuracy of the PacBio RS doesn’t have to be a barrier to create high-quality assemblies. The result of fewer and larger contigs gives this application a great advantage in order to achieve a primary sequence of organisms and to facilitate a detailed genetic analysis.

InView De novo Genome

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GATC Biotech is Europe’s leading service provider of DNA sequencing. For over two decades the company has offered sequencing and bioinformatics solutions for single samples, transcriptomes and regulomes, up to whole genomes. GATC Biotech offers true multiplatform sequencing using all leading sequencing technologies in its own labs. GATC Biotech’s acknowledged bioinformatics solutions allow high-end data analysis for its customers in pharmaceutical, diagnostic, chemical or food industries as well as in academics. In order to evaluate these immense data quantities professionally, GATC Biotech keeps its own IT farm.

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