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Gender Neutral or Unisex Toilets – The Facts

News   •   Feb 19, 2013 16:13 GMT

A council recently introduced gender neutral toilets and this has created quite a stir in the media. Danfo (UK) Ltd participated today in a debate on BBC Radio 2 about unisex toilets. As a company that has provided unisex toilets for years, we at Danfo (UK) Ltd are happy to explain more about unisex toilets and prove any misconceptions wrong.

Surely unisex loos are smelly?

No. Clean public toilets smell fresh. The important thing is that toilets are properly managed and cleaned by experienced contractors who know how to deal with the specific circumstances that public toilets face.

Are unisex toilets less safe?

No. Danfo’s toilets are in fact more safe, since the toilet entries are generally built on the front of the buildings with full visibility, discouraging vandals and misuse.

But do we want to share toilets?

As long as the toilets are kept clean, most of us won’t even notice the difference. Many small restaurants and cafés provides unisex toilets without any problems. If a toilet is unpleasant to share, it is simply not being cleaned to a good enough standard – unisex or not.

Hasn’t political correctness gone too far?

No. Public toilets are often funded with Local Authority money, and should be accessible for all. 

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