Giving HTC a Golden Touch

News   •   Jul 05, 2013 16:12 BST

If you’re looking to make a statement with your phone, then what a statement this will truly make: behold, the HTC One Gold. It’s sure to dazzle in a more literal sense.

For the tech-savvy, HTC One is already quite a popular smartphone. This sleek creation is produced by Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer, HTC. Thanks to its user-friendly features, this model in particular has a rather sizeable fan base. Adding a luxurious touch to the high technology of it all, Goldgenie has produced a twinkly update to the phone’s looks by creating custom precious metal embellishments for the case back. Currently, the phones are available in gold (£1,895), platinum (£2,095) and rose gold (£ 1,995).

An HTC One Gold buyer automatically receives a Luxury Cherry Oak Box that contains the customized phone itself, a set of Beats earphones, a dock connector, a power adapter and a Certificate of Authenticity. And while Goldgenie’s handiwork makes for “a party in the back”, users still have the option of choosing whether they prefer a silver or black colour for the front of the phone, as per the available colours of the non-customized HTC One.

For those who already have HTC One mobile phones, albeit the regular kind, and would like to have them “blinged out”, the same company also offers a bespoke gold plating service.

Having built a name for itself by luxury customizing a wide range of products, Goldgenie also offers collectibles such as Beretta James Bond Limited Edition gold-plated replicas, Swarovski Crystal wireless mice, roses preserved in 24-carat gold and a host of other premium embellished smartphones.

It’s sure to cost a pretty penny, so interested parties must be prepared to shell out some big money for the HTC One Gold. Check out the HTC One smartphones at Mobile Phone Checker; the best smartphone comparison site around.