Global e-Learning study forecasts expenditures; Assima's Vimago is ahead of its time in addressing market needs

News   •   Feb 12, 2013 13:27 GMT

IBIS Capital Limited’s recent report entitled the ‘Global e-Learning Investment Review’ has concluded that:

• Global education expenditure market is projected to grow at 7.4 per cent until 2017

• E-learning expenditure is projected to grow at 23.0 per cent pa to $255.5bn from 2012 to 2017. Some eight per cent of this will be in the corporate market

• The global language learning market is set to grow at 20.0 per cent pa to $247.5bn in 2017

• The penetration of mobile devices is significantly increasing the number of access points to e-learning

• Corporate investment in the workforce to enhance their skills provides an on-going vested interest to retain and develop employee skills still further

• The rise in peer-to-peer platforms will result in large amounts of educational content becoming freely available

• Learning will become increasingly personalised and tailored to the meet the individual's learning patterns and aptitude

• With the rise of mobile and tablet penetration, students will increasingly access content 'anytime, anywhere'

• The need to improve skills, meet regulatory requirements and manage training costs will result in e-learning becoming part of the fabric of virtually every business.

Assima have launched Vimago to address these conclusions.  Already ahead of its time, Vimago is cloud-based so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device.  It can be accessed via a public or private cloud, with users contributing to and consuming content from a centralised store, on any device in any location. 

L&D developers can access the same platform for training content and programme visibility, optimum sharing, versioning and workflow, and collaboration while creating and maintaining lessons and training materials. Content authors can create software clones and simulations as well as in-application support packages (Electronic Performance Support Systems, or EPSS).  Vimago also integrates with existing Learning Management Systems and can dynamically link any existing learning content, and allows for personalised training programmes to be created at a fraction of the cost it takes with other methods.  Global content is automatically updated and includes amendments and multilingual versions, eliminating the need to recapture screens and data multiple times for translating or updating purposes.  The ability to move and manipulate data which is captured and cloned enables sensitive company, customer or employee data to be protected and the integrity of the system maintained while a company invests in staff development.

Vimago provides solutions to some of the critical challenges being faced in the development, rollout and on-going maintenance support of Enterprise Applications. Global companies will continue to invest millions in Enterprise Applications each year to increase productivity and gain a competitive edge. Construction, banking, insurance, healthcare, even governmental and voluntary organisations need to invest in their staff and in their business processes to ensure they survive in a tough, enduring economic climate.  But will they achieve the assurance they need while rolling out, using and maintaining their Enterprise Applications?

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