Google-Motorola X phone making waves with upcoming smartphone release

News   •   Feb 19, 2013 08:37 GMT

With an extreme interest in offering something more innovative to consumers, mobile phone makers have created and cultivated a highly competitive market for smartphones. Hence, there is a wide variety of phones to choose from, depending on the user’s tastes and preferences. At the moment, two of the top brands in the market are Apple and Samsung.

However, there is a high possibility that their reign might be cut short due to the rumoured release of the X phone, a handset built out of a marriage between two companies, Google and Motorola. It is said that the phone will come out with an all-new operating system.

It was in December 2012 when the news about the X phone first came in circulation. Even before, news has been spreading that it will be an entirely different experience with the phone, a total exception from the long line of phones in the market. According to SmartHouse, the Chief Technology Officer of Telstra said that the Google X phone will finally set a new trend in the mobile phone industry. There are also reports that Google is working double time on the software aspects of the phone. It may or may run under Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. It is said that its features will be way more unique than everyone else, and we have to see that.

The X phone is heard to be making its first appearance at the Google I/O event this coming May. It is quite expected to get even with the leading smartphones in the market. With its exceptionally new features, chances are it could be one of the top competitors alongside Apple and Samsung or even more. The details about the rumoured release in May is still blurry, hopefully Google and Motorola will come up with a press release about the mystery smartphone.

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