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Google Nexus 7 phantom touch and GPS issues fixed by update

News   •   Aug 24, 2013 18:49 BST

Owners of the new Google Nexus 7, follow-up to the previous Nexus 7 and biggest rival of the iPad Mini tablet, have taken to a Google Product Forum and voiced out their complaints about the tablet’s phantom touch and GPS issues. An update has been rolled out by the search giant to address these issues.

Paul Wilcox, Google Community Manager, confirmed on a Google Product Forum, “As a couple of you have mentioned, there’s a new system update that's started rolling out for your Nexus 7s. This update does address the touchscreen issues discussed in this thread. If you’re one of the people experiencing touchscreen issues, please let us know how it’s going after you’ve received and installed the update.”

Have you been troubled by the phantom touch and GPS issues on your Google Nexus 7? Has the update fixed these issues? Drop a comment below.

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