Google releases a security patch for Android devices

News   •   Jul 17, 2013 07:00 BST

A lot of Android users are getting worried about the platform’s open and free nature that can easily be a threat to malware and virus attacks. Lately, there have been talks that the operating system has susceptibility that can make space for hackers and attackers to transform almost any app into Trojan malware.

With this news, Google has started fixing what could be a massive threat to millions of gadgets. They have released a patch to handset manufacturers which can prevent the security hole.  This alleged security hole are said to be found in verification and installation processes of some apps.

Every app has a cryptographic signature that will prevent sensitive information from leaking. While the hole can allow hackers to change the code of the apps, they can also choose to not harm the unique signature.

According to Jeff Forristal of Bluebox Security, the operating system’s threatening security hole has been known to have been present since version 1.6. If not stopped, this bug could harm the system of Android gadgets starting from those launched during the last four years. If this happens, 900 million devices could be affected and users’ information and files could also be compromised.

As Android users from all over the world are waiting for manufacturers to release the security updates, so far there has not been any misuse of the hole. The good thing is that it has been patched so users don’t have to worry about their devices. Even as users continue to install apps from Google Play, the processes will remain secured. However, for the Android users who would still like to ensure their device’s safety, there are a number of apps over at Google Play that can help guard apps from unnecessary malware. Some of these apps are free and reliable as well. Read more at and see all of the smartphone deals available to run those more secure apps on.