Google X Phone – What Will It Be Like?

News   •   Feb 06, 2013 07:00 GMT

Search engine giants, Google completed its deal with smartphone producer Motorola in a $12.5 billion bill. After the said arrangement, there has been no news about what Google have in store for the company until recently when the arising speculation about the Google X phone has been banging in the industry of mobile phones.

With the increased speculations, many Android fans have been offering their own suggestions on what features and design they want to see with Google X phone. Even if there has been rising speculations about a possible Google X Motorola mobile phone, the company remained to be mum about the issue and instead revealed that Motorola has had already products of about twelve to eighteen months’ worth ready before they had taken it over. With the rumours that it is already close to finish, a lot have already been anticipating about what will be the first products that will be released by Motorola after it was taken over.

By the end of last year, buzzes tell that two giants are working together to offer a smartphone and a tablet PC. However, the hype was more focused on smartphone. The supposed Google X smartphone is expected to be one of those that will standout and is slated to be revealed during Google I/O event this coming May 15 – 17, 2013.

Suggested features for the handset include a bendable display and a ceramic case that has similarity with Samsung which gives the phone lesser chances of being damaged if accidentally dropped which is apparently very common amongst smartphones today. But whatever the new Google X Phone may be, it will surely be Google’s first true phone with everything from hardware to software all under the company’s control.

According to Google CEO, Larry Page, the idea of creating of a durable handset is possible wherein a mobile phone should not go smack when dropped. Battery is also a big issue which is clearly what most smartphone manufacturers missed out.

The smartphone industry now has one of the tightest competition in the world with advances in the technology not only confined to two giant manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple but also other companies that also have their unique ways of coming up with better ideas. As more and more smartphones being manufactured and released, companies such as Google and Motorola must come up with better and unique feature that will spice up the new smartphone they are about to introduce.

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