Grab a Bargain iPhone 4S 16GB in White

News   •   Mar 14, 2012 16:00 GMT

With the buzz surrounding the iPhone 4S 16GB last year, the news that the 4S would be available in white was simply too much for some people. With the incredible demand, Apple had to churn out millions of phones in such a small space of time and people were left waiting for retailers to have the phones available. This was too much for some people who opted for a cheap mobile phone contract with the black version of the 4S. Therefore, there are more white iPhone 4S phones available that were never picked up.

As most people have started their 12, 18 or even 24 month contract on their black iPhone 4S, there are bargains to be had for an iPhone 4S 16GB in white. For those that have some self-restraint when it comes to waiting, the iPhone 4S in white is available for much less than it was last year which is great news for those that haven’t gone with the first contract or available phone that they could find.

The iPhone 4S has a scratch-resistant screen that is 3.5” and has an LED backlit TFT display. With stunning image reproduction, 16 million colour combinations and a 640x960 pixel display, it’s the clearest display yet from the iPhone. There is the usual accelerometer and proximity sensors as well as the 3-axis gyro sensor for various tasks, games and apps. As you can guess, it has 16Gb which is ample for storing your music, images, videos and files on it as well as a gutsy 1GHz processor that helps run the iOS 4 operating system well.

If you thought the iPhone 4 was good then you will love the S version as it simply takes the iPhone to the next level. Although there is the possible introduction of the iPhone 5 coming later this year, reports are that the release date will be pushed back and that means at the moment the iPhone 4S 16GB is the flagship model.

There is a 5.0 megapixel camera as well as a 720 pixel video recorder that runs at 30 frames per second. Autofocus, geo-tagging and touch focus are all included, which makes it better than most digital cameras out there, and all housed in the beautiful case of the iPhone 4S in white. As with all of Apple’s products you can download products, apps and music from the iStore which are both free and paid, so you can expand the uses and capabilities of your iPhone and personalise it to your tastes.

With WiFi connectivity, as well as HSDPA you can be online at all times and for file sharing you can take advantage of the USB and Bluetooth connections. If you’re looking for a white iPhone 4S 16GB then you can grab a bargain on the Mobile Phone Checker website which shows the best and latest contracts that are available for the iPhone from UK mobile operators. Samsung might have more handsets available and be stealing sales but there is no denying that Apple has it just right with one unit when it comes to smartphones.