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Grab Radio Provides Excellent Audio For The Nokia Lumia 900

News   •   Mar 31, 2012 21:49 BST

The superb Nokia Lumia 900 is a mobile phone that gives users access to a huge selection of video on demand content which looks superb on the handsets large display. Some users however prefer to listen to music and the new Grab Radio application for this phone delivers a near faultless audio experience. We take a closer look at this exciting new application.

The Grab Radio app for the Nokia Lumia 900 offers a huge selection of radio stations that users can choose to listen to if they desire. The application uses the internet and data streaming to deliver over 35 thousand stations direct to the handset. When you use the application for the first time you are presented with an attractive interface that is very easy to navigate. Users are given the choice of searching for a station by using a number of different search methods. You can search by the Genre of the type of music that you want to listen to or by the location of where station is based. There are also options for searching by the type of station or the language of broadcasts. Once you have selected an option you are presented with another list to help you narrow down your results. Once you find a station that you like you have the option of adding it to your favourites lists so it is easier to find in the future.

Grab Radio may sound like any one of a number of radio applications available for the Nokia Lumia 900but it does offers some features that help it to stand out from the crowd. Assuming the station that you are listening to supports Meta Data users have a host of options that are not available on other rival services. If you like the sound of the track that is currently playing you can choose to download it directly from the Zune Marketplace. This process is called Grabbing and if the user pays a monthly subscription for a Zune Pass then they can download as many tracks as they want. If a YouTube video is available for the track you also have the ability to access this from within the application. Consumers using the Grab Radio application also have the ability to give a song a thumbs up or down rating which gives the software an interesting social aspect and lets users see what the community thinks of the track currently playing.

Grab Radio is a superb new application for the Nokia Lumia 900. The software offers a massive selection of radio stations and also includes some interesting features such as the ability to view the music video or download the song directly to your device.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is coming soon and the Nokia Lumia 800 is available now.