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Great panoramic shots with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus camera

News   •   May 06, 2012 14:39 BST

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus best offers an impressive single motion panoramic camera with both fast start up and zero lagging on the shutter to allow you to genuinely snap an instant photo or begin video recording. The handset features the latest Android operating system and is packed with new features which make communication easier than ever. The phone offers a 1.2 gigahertz dual core application processor which allows for faster connectivity to the multiple WiFi and data networks available, along with faster loading of webpages, emails and more. Ultimately, everything works at a better and more seamless speed, allowing you to be able to do more on your mobile. The new user interface includes a holographic design featuring a 360 degree rotating action bar among its other features within the overall more powerful Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0). This handset is the first to offer the OS, and is packed with new functionality including an array of apps from Google such as Talk, Google Plus Hangout for sharing media and more. Gmail, email, text messaging and voice applications are also integrated to make communicating easier than ever. The Galaxy Nexus has a 5 megapixel auto focus camera with single motion panoramic photo shot capture capability, as well as low light performance helped by its LED flash and zero shutter lagging which means the shutter opens and the camera is ready within under a second. Close up shots are also possible with the up to 8 times digital zoom also present. With 16 gigabytes of internal storage, you don’t have to worry about running out of space. In fact, there is also a further 32 gigabytes worth of storage thanks to the microSD card slot which offers swappable memory. Additionally, you can use the Bluetooth 3.0 or Near Field Communication close sharing technologies to instantly and wirelessly share media and more, while a wired approach is possible via the USB 2.0 connection respectively. The handset offers a very slim design at less than 9 millimetres of thickness, and is accompanied by a Super AMOLED HIgh Definition touch display measuring an impressive 4.65 inches. Meanwhile there is both a front and rear camera. The Hyper Skin cover also present, offers a preserving and nice feeling body which compliments the display which includes no keys as they are all present within the OS itself. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is above all a stunning handset which seeks to introduce a new era of both the Android operating system and the handsets which it runs on. The handset features everything you need and a lot more. Check out the Samsung Galaxy Note features also.